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What we are:

Duelist of curacao, the name says it all. We are all the duelist of Curacao, mainly profesionalised in playing the konami card game " Yu-Gi-Oh!"

We are a small group of 20-30 players. We have access to most cards.

Here we show all our updates, current player rankings, decklist, all that we have to offer on each other and the world

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We are all connected by the same bond,

One thing that drives us forward,

To some it is a hobby, to some it a way to stand out, and to others, it is there way to show others there superiority.

Whatever your reason is, we are all connected by the same bond,

We are Duelist.

-Duelist of Curacao

The Duelists:

Rich de windt

Norveng Salome

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